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Mobile Guard Tower
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Domed Defense
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Rally Flag
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Shock Mine
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Metal Rain
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Artillery provides long range base defense. Each shell causes explosive damage to anything within its area of effect.
General Costs
Level 0
HPMobile hp black.png 1800
HQ level5
Level 1
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 1100
Build Time1h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 25
HPMobile hp black.png 2552
DPSMobile dps black.png 183
HQ level5
Level 2
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 2200
Build Time1h45m
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 25
HPMobile hp black.png 2928
DPSMobile dps black.png 198
HQ level5
Level 3
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 4400
Build Time2h30m
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 30
HPMobile hp black.png 3301
DPSMobile dps black.png 212
HQ level6
Level 4
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 8300
Build Time3h15m
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 35
HPMobile hp black.png 3680
DPSMobile dps black.png 225
HQ level7
Level 5
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 15k
Build Time4h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 40
HPMobile hp black.png 4051
DPSMobile dps black.png 240
HQ level8
Level 6
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 27k Mobile resourcesteel black.png 4500
Build Time5h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 40
HPMobile hp black.png 4651
DPSMobile dps black.png 254
HQ level8
Level 7
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 46k Mobile resourcesteel black.png 9600
Build Time6h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 45
HPMobile hp black.png 5251
DPSMobile dps black.png 268
HQ level9
Level 8
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 76k Mobile resourcesteel black.png 19k
Build Time7h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 50
HPMobile hp black.png 5928
DPSMobile dps black.png 282
HQ level10
Level 9
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 123k Mobile resourcesteel black.png 37k
Build Time8h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 55
HPMobile hp black.png 6672
DPSMobile dps black.png 318
HQ level11
Level 10
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 192k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 69k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 8100
Build Time9h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 60
HPMobile hp black.png 7501
DPSMobile dps black.png 345
HQ level12
Level 11
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 289k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 121k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 19k
Build Time10h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 65
HPMobile hp black.png 8400
DPSMobile dps black.png 388
HQ level13
Level 12
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 423k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 204k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 42k
Build Time12h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 65
HPMobile hp black.png 9301
DPSMobile dps black.png 416
HQ level13
Level 13
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 602k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 330k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 87k
Build Time14h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 70
HPMobile hp black.png 10501
DPSMobile dps black.png 465
HQ level14
Level 14
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 830k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 511k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 171k
Build Time16h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 75
HPMobile hp black.png 11251
DPSMobile dps black.png 508
HQ level15
Level 15
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 1110k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 761k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 315k
Build Time20h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 80
HPMobile hp black.png 12301
DPSMobile dps black.png 550
HQ level16
Level 16
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 1440k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 1090k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 550k
Build Time24h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 85
HPMobile hp black.png 13800
DPSMobile dps black.png 579
HQ level17
Level 17
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 1840k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 1490k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 908k
Build Time28h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 90
HPMobile hp black.png 15752
DPSMobile dps black.png 635
HQ level18
Level 18
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 2270k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 1970k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 1420k
Build Time32h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 90
HPMobile hp black.png 18k
DPSMobile dps black.png 692
HQ level18
Level 19
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 2730k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 2510k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 2100k
Build Time38h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 95
HPMobile hp black.png 19501
DPSMobile dps black.png 741
HQ level19
Level 20
CostMobile resourcesupply black.png 3210k

Mobile resourcesteel black.png 3100k

Mobile resourcetech black.png 2960k
Build Time44h
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 100
HPMobile hp black.png 22501
DPSMobile dps black.png 847
HQ level20
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The artillery is a long range defense structure that deals moderate damage over a small area. While its attack speed is on the slower end, it makes up for this by being highly effective against enemy forces that are grouped tightly together. The artillery is best against Rangers and LGL Troops, but is surprisingly effective against most vehicles as well. The artillery can only attack land forces.

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