Military Depots replace the inventory system of storing units. A player will need to construct a type of depot and if wanted, expand the storage space in order to store more units.

Military Depots[edit | edit source]

Air Depot Naval Depot Army Depot
Air Depot.png Naval Depot.png Army Depot.png

Goal Lines[edit | edit source]

Air Depot Series

Goal Air Unit Depot.png Air Depot 1 of 2
Goal Air Unit Depot Expand.png Air Depot 2 of 2

Naval Depot Series

Goal Naval Depot.png Naval Depot 1 of 2
Goal Naval Depot Expand.png Naval Depot 2 of 2

Army Depot Series

Goal Army Depot.png Army Depot 1 of 2
Goal Army Depot Expand.png Army Depot 2 of 2

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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