Z Element 1

Element Z is a resource introduced to general game play on September 21st, 2011. known as a new energy source invented by Dr.Seabolt. This new type of energy will be needed to conduct the special abilities of various support Units and to power the titan's every shot instead of energy

Element Z can be obtained through Free Gifts, or Empire Points.

Players that where able to complete the limited time mission 'Show of Faith" will have gained an Element Z Rig which produces random amounts of element Z every 24 hours providing its staffed. The element z rig was realeased again to every player which they can build in the industry tab.

Lately, it was realeased the Element Z Collider which players can produce Element Z with Energy and Ore.

Unit SizesEdit

Item Quantity Max Storage Obtain
Z Element 1 1x Element Z 100x Free Gifts
Z Element 2 2x Element Z 25x Free Gifts
Z Element 3 3x Element Z 25x Free Gifts
Z Element 5 5x Element Z 25x Empire Points-icon 5 Empire Points
Z Element 10 10x Element Z 25x Empire Points-icon 10 Empire Points
Z Element 15 15x Element Z 25x Empire Points-icon 15 Empire Points

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