Energy is used to perform almost all actions in the game. It is used to start production in the Industry buildings, collect from the Housing buildings, build buildings, attack and fight, and more. Energy can be earned as drops, refilled by leveling up, waiting 5 minutes for it to slowly refill, requesting it from a neighbor, or buying it in the Market for Empire Points. Players start with 25 Energy and each time a player levels up in the game the players max energy is increased by 1 until the player reaches level 26 to have a max of 50 energy. Players can raise their 50 energy limit to 60 using The Energy Cradle.

Tip: The best usage of the players maintain their energy with outwaste is to log in every 4 hours, 10 minutes, which is the time it takes to refill to its max of 50 energy; or 5 hours to the ones who have 60 Energy.

Energy is used on:

Energy can be obtained by:

Unit SizesEdit

Item Quantity Max Storage Obtain
Energy01 1x Energy 15x Free Gifts
Energy02 2x Energy 15x Free Gifts
Energy03 3x Energy 15x Free Gifts
Energy05 5x Energy 15x Empire Points-icon 5 Empire Points
Energy010 10x Energy 15x Empire Points-icon 10 Empire Points
Energy015 15x Energy


Empire Points-icon 15 Empire Points
Energy025 25x Energy


Empire Points-icon 25 Empire Points
Energy050 50x Energy


Empire Points-icon free gift Empire Points

Unlimited EnergyEdit

  • Unlimited energy can be purchased via a limited time pop up.
  • Grants you unlimited energy for the time period purchased.
Item Gives Costs
Unlimited Energy 1 30 Minutes Empire Points-icon 25- Empire Points
Unlimited Energy 2 1 hour Empire Points-icon 38- Empire Points
Unlimited Energy 3 2 Hours

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