You can help friends to increase your Honor, represented by the familiar red heart. Reaching certain milestones in Honor or Infamy will unlock combat skills.  Currently, honour levels top out at level 99.  While points continue to accrue, the level remains stuck at level 99.

  • Infamy leads to offensive skills while Honor leads to defensive skills.

Honor Level Honor Required Rewards
1 Honor-icon0
2 Honor-icon10 Field Repairs I
3 Honor-icon25 Explosive Ammo I
4 Honor-icon45 Hunker Down I
5 Honor-icon70 Accuracy I
6 Honor-icon100 Evasion I
7 Honor-icon135 Explosive Ammo I
8 Honor-icon175 Field Repairs I
9 Honor-icon220 Explosive Ammo I
10 Honor-icon270 Hunker Down I
11 Honor-icon325 Accuracy I
12 Honor-icon385 Evasion I
13 Honor-icon450 Explosive Ammo I
14 Honor-icon520 Field Repairs I
15 Honor-icon595 Explosive Ammo I
16 Honor-icon675 Hunker Down I
17 Honor-icon760 Accuracy I
18 Honor-icon850 Evasion I
19 Honor-icon945 Explosive Ammo I
20 Honor-icon1,045 Field Repairs II
21 Honor-icon1,150 Explosive Ammo II
22 Honor-icon1,260 Hunker Down II
23 Honor-icon1,375 Accuracy II
24 Honor-icon1,495 Evasion II
25 Honor-icon1,620 Explosive Ammo II
26 Honor-icon1,750 Field Repairs II
27 Honor-icon1,885 Explosive Ammo II
28 Honor-icon2,025 Hunker Down II
29 Honor-icon2,170 Accuracy II
30 Honor-icon2,320 Evasion II
31 Honor-icon2,475 Explosive Ammo II
32 Honor-icon2,635 Field Repairs II
33 Honor-icon2,800 Explosive Ammo II
34 Honor-icon2,970 Hunker Down II
35 Honor-icon3,145 Accuracy II
36 Honor-icon3,325 Evasion II
37 Honor-icon3,510 Explosive Ammo II
38 Honor-icon3,700 Field Repairs III
39 Honor-icon3,895 Explosive Ammo III
40 Honor-icon4,095 Hunker Down III
41 Honor-icon4,300 Accuracy III
42 Honor-icon4,510 Evasion III
43 Honor-icon4725 Explosive Ammo III
44 Honor-icon4,945 Field Repairs III
45 Honor-icon5,170 Explosive Ammo III
46 Honor-icon5,400 Hunker Down III
47 Honor-icon5,635 Accuracy III
48 Honor-icon5,875 Evasion III
49 Honor-icon6,120 Explosive Ammo III
50 Honor-icon6,370 Tactical Nuke
51 Honor-icon6,630 Explosive Ammo III
52 Honor-icon6,905 Hunker Down III
53 Honor-icon7,200 Accuracy III
54 Honor-icon7,520 Evasion III
55 Honor-icon7,870 Explosive Ammo III
56 Honor-icon8,255 Tactical Nuke
57 Honor-icon8,680 Explosive Ammo III
58 Honor-icon9,150 Hunker Down III
59 Honor-icon9,670 Accuracy III
60 Honor-icon10,245 Evasion III
61 Honor-icon10,880 Explosive Ammo III
62 Honor-icon11,580 Tactical Nuke
63 Honor-icon12,350 Explosive Ammo III
64 Honor-icon13,195 Hunker Down III
65 Honor-icon14,120 Accuracy III
66 Honor-icon15,130 Evasion III
67 Honor-icon16,230 Explosive Ammo III
68 Honor-icon17,345 Tactical Nuke
69 Honor-icon18,560 Explosive Ammo III
70 Honor-icon19,925 Hunker Down III
71 Honor-icon21,490 Accuracy III
72 Honor-icon23,305 Evasion III
73 Honor-icon25,420 Explosive Ammo III
74 Honor-icon27,885 Tactical Nuke
75 Honor-icon30,750 Explosive Ammo III
76 Honor-icon34,065 Hunker Down III
77 Honor-icon37,880 Accuracy III
78 Honor-icon42,245 Evasion III
79 Honor-icon47,210 Explosive Ammo III
80 Honor-icon52,825 Tactical Nuke
81 Honor-icon59,140 Explosive Ammo III
82 Honor-icon66,205 Hunker Down III
83 Honor-icon74,070 Accuracy III
84 Honor-icon82,785 Evasion III
85 Honor-icon92,400 Explosive Ammo III
86 Honor-icon102,965 Tactical Nuke
87 Honor-icon114,530 Explosive Ammo III
88 Honor-icon127,595 Hunker Down III
89 Honor-icon142,660 Accuracy III
90 Honor-icon160,225 Evasion III
91 Honor-icon180,790 Explosive Ammo III
92 Honor-icon204,855 Tactical Nuke
93 Honor-icon232,920 Explosive Ammo III
94 Honor-icon265,485 Hunker Down III
95 Honor-icon303,050 Accuracy III
96 Honor-icon348,115 Evasion III
97 Honor-icon403,180 Explosive Ammo III
98 Honor-icon478,245 Tactical Nuke
99 Honor-icon603,310 Tactical Nuke


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