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Invasion Basics[edit | edit source]

In Empires & Allies, you can attack other players by invading them. To do so, click on a neighbor's picture and then click "Invade". If an invasion is successful, you will control a 5x5 square anywhere on your neighbors available map. Every 4 hours you can then return to the neighbors map to collect Pillage Rewards, until your neighbor or one of his/her allies repel your invasion. Once your neighbor or one of his/her allies repel your invasion they will have a cooldown timer which prevents you from invading again for 4 Hours. Sometimes it will say that you are defending the person you are trying to invade. If that message box appears, visit this person's empire, find the Dark Alliance invasion. Accept to repel the invasion, then cancel out, visit someone else, then invade this person again and it will work.

Selecting an Area to Invade[edit | edit source]

In order to determine which areas are best to invade for particular resources, refer to Pillage Rewards.

Defending Units[edit | edit source]

When selecting an area to invade, some structures may be defended by your friend's units. These will be shown in red as you hover your mouse over parts of the map. When deciding upon an area to invade, these units will be the ones you face. If there are 3 or less defending units, up to a max of 2 random units (max of 5 total) will be faced in addition to the defenders. Units that up for sale in the defender's market are nonetheless eligible to be a defending unit. Your friend's defending units that are destroyed in combat will not be deleted from his army, nor will resources that you loot be deleted from his quadrants. The same is not true for you. Your attacking units lost in combat will be deleted from your standing army.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

Sometimes you are limited as to how many units you can invade with and sometimes you can't invade a neighbor. These are built in limitations to help protect lower level players.

Limits on # of Invaders Limits on # of Attacking Units
# of Invaders allowed
Level Difference
Max # of
Attacking Units

Countering an Invasion[edit | edit source]

A defender can prevent invasion by enabling neutrality at their World Embassy. If a player finds they have been invaded the following options are possible:

  • Friends of the defender or the defender can battle the aggressor and will be rewarded with extra experience, resources and coins.
  • The defender may request assistance to expel the invader. After 3 neighbors have responded, the aggressor will be expelled regardless of how powerful their units are. No battle takes place.
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