Overview[edit | edit source]

Participate in Leaderboards to earn valuable rewards! Click on the Trophy icon to see your progress!

Milestone Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Note: rewards change often check back here for updates.
  • Click the relevant tab to see milestone rewards.

<tabber> Big Spender=

Reward Requirement
Mastery Reward
HMS Ocean.png
1x HMS Ocean
Spend 00000000000005000000.

Coins-icon.png 5,000,000 Coins

Elite Reward
Nuclear Sub Carrier.png
1x Nuclear Sub Carrier
Spend 00000000000000100000.

Coins-icon.png 100,000 Coins

Veteran Reward
Accuracy II.png
1x Accuracy II
Spend 00000000000000010000.

Coins-icon.png 10,000 Coins


Trophy Rewards[edit | edit source]

Ranking is based on a player's progress in the campaign, the amount of Ore players have spent or damage players have dealt in combat. you can choose which part of the leader board you wish you participate, you can participate in all leadership goals if you like. aswell as milestones which can be obtained with out any neighbor ranking you have the change to earn 1 of 3 trophy's or none at all! these trophy's if you earn any will be given to you at the end of the week once the timer has finished and the trophy will replicate a trophy statue that you can place in you empire! but to obtain any such trophy's you must choose which path to take or take them all on and must beat you neighbors to first, second or third place in order to qualify for a trophy.

Reward Achieved
Bronze Trophy.png
Bronze Trophy
by gaining 3rd place.
Silver Trophy.png
Silver Trophy
by gaining 2nd place.
Gold Trophy.png
Gold Trophy
by gaining 1st place.

Battle Blitz Trophy's[edit | edit source]

  • Can only be earned by the battle blitz leaderboard.
Reward Achieved
Battle Blitz Bronze Trophy.png
Battle Blitz Bronze Trophy
by gaining 3rd place.
Battle Blitz Silver Trophy.png
Battle Blitz Silver Trophy
by gaining 2nd place.
Battle Blitz Gold Trophy.png
Battle Blitz Gold Trophy
by gaining 1st place.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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