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Mobile mlrs
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The MLRS is a long range, heavy hitting rocket launcher. Weak vs nearby enemies; Strong at long range
Training time900s
HQ level for Staging Ground0
Sight Range20
Turn to fire requiredFalse
Turning Speed60
Patrol Speed1.2998046875
Retreat Speed1.7998046875
Move Speed1.5
Primary weapon
Fires over wallYes
Fire Rate5
Bullet Speed16
Max. Range12
Min. Range4
AoE Radius3
Tag Multiplier1
Reload Time3000ms
Spread Factor0.5
General Costs
Level 1
CostMobile resourcefuel black 10k
HPMobile hp black 6600
DPSMobile dps black 120
AWA Level Required0
Level 2
CostMobile resourcefuel black 12500
RewardMobile resourcexp black 90
HPMobile hp black 7080
DPSMobile dps black 180
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 3830k
Research Time24h
AWA Level Required18
Level 3
CostMobile resourcefuel black 13k
RewardMobile resourcexp black 95
HPMobile hp black 7920
DPSMobile dps black 240
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 4390k
Research Time38h
AWA Level Required19
Level 4
CostMobile resourcefuel black 13500
RewardMobile resourcexp black 95
HPMobile hp black 8640
DPSMobile dps black 300
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 4890k
Research Time54h
AWA Level Required19
Level 5
CostMobile resourcefuel black 14k
RewardMobile resourcexp black 100
HPMobile hp black 9360
DPSMobile dps black 360
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 5310k
Research Time70h
AWA Level Required20
Level 6
CostMobile resourcefuel black 14500
RewardMobile resourcexp black 100
HPMobile hp black 9840
DPSMobile dps black 420
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 5660k
Research Time88h
AWA Level Required20
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The MLRS works well against rangers, tomahawks and Striker VI's. These units are fairly vulnerable with a slower reload time than most other defenses but have a considerably long range and strong damage. The MLRS is one of the most advantageous defense units and is suggested to quarter the units within walled enclosures.

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