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The Medivac provides battlefield repairs and healing. Motto: "That others may live." Weak vs enemy units, Strong healing support to allies
Training time420s
HQ level for Staging Ground16
Sight Range12
Turn to fire requiredFalse
Turning Speed140
Patrol Speed3
Retreat Speed4
Move Speed3.5
Primary weapon
Fires over wallYes
Fire Rate0.5
Bullet Speed18
Max. Range4
AoE Radius1
Tag Multiplier2
General Costs
Level 1
CostMobile resourcefuel black 800
HPMobile hp black 960
HPSMobile hps black 164
AWA Level Required0
Level 2
CostMobile resourcefuel black 1600
RewardMobile resourcexp black 80
HPMobile hp black 1056
HPSMobile hps black 170
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 1160k
Research Time8h
AWA Level Required16
Level 3
CostMobile resourcefuel black 2400
RewardMobile resourcexp black 85
HPMobile hp black 1162
HPSMobile hps black 176
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 1740k
Research Time12h
AWA Level Required17
Level 4
CostMobile resourcefuel black 3200
RewardMobile resourcexp black 85
HPMobile hp black 1278
HPSMobile hps black 182
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 2320k
Research Time17h
AWA Level Required17
Level 5
CostMobile resourcefuel black 4000
RewardMobile resourcexp black 90
HPMobile hp black 1406
HPSMobile hps black 188
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 2900k
Research Time24h
AWA Level Required18
Level 6
CostMobile resourcefuel black 4800
RewardMobile resourcexp black 90
HPMobile hp black 1547
HPSMobile hps black 194
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 3480k
Research Time30h
AWA Level Required18
Level 7
CostMobile resourcefuel black 5600
RewardMobile resourcexp black 95
HPMobile hp black 1702
HPSMobile hps black 200
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 4060k
Research Time36h
AWA Level Required19
Level 8
CostMobile resourcefuel black 6400
RewardMobile resourcexp black 95
HPMobile hp black 1872
HPSMobile hps black 206
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 4520k
Research Time44h
AWA Level Required19
Level 9
CostMobile resourcefuel black 7200
RewardMobile resourcexp black 100
HPMobile hp black 2059
HPSMobile hps black 212
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 4910k
Research Time54h
AWA Level Required20
Level 10
CostMobile resourcefuel black 8000
RewardMobile resourcexp black 100
HPMobile hp black 2265
HPSMobile hps black 218
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black 5240k
Research Time64h
AWA Level Required20
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The Medivac can repair and heal units, but remains vulnerable at low levels. Medivacs operate similar to the medic portion of the ranger assembly. Medivacs must be protected from stealth tanks, THEL lasers and minefields. Their slow rate of retraining make them a priority for protection and create an opportunity for micromanagement. The Medivac at higher levels can be useful in slowing retrain times for higher HP units such as Strikers, Tanks, LGL troops, and the CNC vehicle.

Special care for the Medivac questions its sustainability as a useful unit within the game, especially with max level medipack commands and the tradeoff between a healing unit and another full tarmac of units.

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