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Metal Rain is a long range, area denial weapon system. It fires a spread of 40mm grenades to suppress any enemy that enters its defense zone.
General Costs
Level 0
HPMobile hp black 10800
HQ level15
Level 1
CostMobile resourcesupply black 313k

Mobile resourcesteel black 171700

Mobile resourcetech black 45200
Build Time5h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 75
HPMobile hp black 11814
DPSMobile dps black 240
HQ level15
Level 2
CostMobile resourcesupply black 626k

Mobile resourcesteel black 343400

Mobile resourcetech black 90400
Build Time8h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 75
HPMobile hp black 12365
DPSMobile dps black 300
HQ level15
Level 3
CostMobile resourcesupply black 863k

Mobile resourcesteel black 531300

Mobile resourcetech black 177500
Build Time11h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 80
HPMobile hp black 12917
DPSMobile dps black 360
HQ level16
Level 4
CostMobile resourcesupply black 1155k

Mobile resourcesteel black 790700

Mobile resourcetech black 327600
Build Time15h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 85
HPMobile hp black 13704
DPSMobile dps black 420
HQ level17
Level 5
CostMobile resourcesupply black 1502k

Mobile resourcesteel black 1134k

Mobile resourcetech black 572300
Build Time19h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 85
HPMobile hp black 14491
DPSMobile dps black 480
HQ level17
Level 6
CostMobile resourcesupply black 1911k

Mobile resourcesteel black 1554k

Mobile resourcetech black 944k
Build Time23h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 90
HPMobile hp black 15515
DPSMobile dps black 540
HQ level18
Level 7
CostMobile resourcesupply black 2363k

Mobile resourcesteel black 2047500

Mobile resourcetech black 1480500
Build Time27h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 95
HPMobile hp black 16539
DPSMobile dps black 600
HQ level19
Level 8
CostMobile resourcesupply black 2835k

Mobile resourcesteel black 2614500

Mobile resourcetech black 2184k
Build Time31h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 95
HPMobile hp black 18901
DPSMobile dps black 720
HQ level19
Level 9
CostMobile resourcesupply black 3339k

Mobile resourcesteel black 3223500

Mobile resourcetech black 3076500
Build Time37h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 100
HPMobile hp black 20476
DPSMobile dps black 780
HQ level20
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Metal Rain is artillery-type defense structure that deals moderate damage over a fairly large area and has a fairly large attack range. Metal rain is only able to attack ground forces. It is effective against all enemy ground units and even more so when they are grouped up closely together. In many ways, Metal Rain is an upgraded version of the Artillery.

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