Base Defense
Mobile tower.png
Mobile Guard Tower
Mobile domedsentry.png
Domed Defense
Mobile rallyflag.png
Rally Flag
Mobile landmine.png
Mobile artillery.png
Mobile patriot.png
Mobile shockmine.png
Shock Mine
Mobile barrage.png
Metal Rain
Mobile railgun.png
Mobile wall.png
Defensive Units
Mobile baseDef.png
Mobile spiderbot.png
Spider Drones
Mobile tank.png
Mobile stealth tank.png
Stealth Tank
Mobile copter.png
Mobile mlrs.png

Defenses protect your base from other players from getting away with your valuable resources. They are also used in preventing you for doing the same with someone else's resources.

Base Defenses[edit | edit source]

The most basic defensive structure is the Guard Tower.

Mobile tower.png

Other defense structures include: the Domed Defense, Artillery, Patriot, Landmine, Metal Rain, Shock Mine, Railgun, Walls, and the Rally Flag.

With current updates, player now can apply Mech for extra defensive firepower. The current mech favored for defenses is Gator due to overpower defense rate.

Strike Force[edit | edit source]

The defensive strength can be increase by applying a Strike Force to the building.

Mobile dome primary.png
Mobile artillery.png
Mobile patriot.png
Mobile barrage.png
Mobile landmine.png
Mobile railgun.png

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