Sometimes events are organized that gain you more resources. As of now there is only one event since the the game became available globally.

Up your game Edit


HQ has announced our first coordinated effort against the GRA! This weekend, to test our the event system we're offering a small, but easy to manage challenge! (Friday 6/5-Monday 6/8 at 11:59pm PDT) level up your HQ for a chance to earn 200 Gold and a 1-hour Construction Boost!

Level 20 already? You’re already eligible! So keep on fighting!

We'll feature some of our favorite bases on our Twitch show next Friday @ 3pm PDT ( Stay tuned here & Twitter for more intel but we recommend you get out there and gather resources to get those HQ's upgraded ASAP! 

For more information:

Mobile event upyourgame
Mobile event upyourgame Less than a year this Event is finished!

After the event Edit

Mobile upyourgame ended
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