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The loading screen displays hints about the game. The hints you get depend on which level your HQ is.

When starting out the game(first-time user experience):[edit | edit source]

Welcome back, Commander.
The GRA is a terrorist organization threatening the world. It's up to you to stop them.
Your base defenses help stop enemies from raiding your supplies.
Upgrade your HQ to unlock powerful new troops and weapons.
Secure the world and stop the GRA terrorists.
In Scout Mode, tap buildings to see their health and attack ranges.
Use A-10s to destroy enemy Guard Towers.
Troops that survive a battle are returned to your base.
Use supplies to upgrade your buildings.
Use fuel to reinforce your troops.
Command Points are refreshed for each battle.
Destroy enemy buildings in battle to earn Command Points.

Hints for HQ level 2 to 20:[edit | edit source]

Use supplies to upgrade your buildings.
Use fuel to reinforce your troops.
When changing the unit type on a Troop Tarmac, the cost of the current unit is refunded.
Destroy enemy buildings in battle to earn Command Points.
Command Points are refreshed for each battle.
If the fight looks unwinnable, Retreat to save your troops.
Win by destroying at least 50% of the buildings or the HQ to collect resources.
Destroy the enemy HQ to earn a Victory Star!
While upgrading a defensive building, it is disabled.
Upgrade your attack units & Command Powers in the Research Agency.
An arrow next to a building means you can afford to upgrade it.
Complete Achievements to earn Gold!
You can find Gold by harvesting trees on your base.
Rearrange your base to protect your HQ and valued resources.
If another player attacked your base, you can Retaliate from your Battle Log screen.
Earn Medals by defeating opponents in Quick Match.
Check your Battle Log to see when your base has been attacked and watch the replays.
Experiment with different troop combos and discover new ways to attack bases.
Expand into new regions as you defeat the GRA terrorists.
Defeat GRA bosses to secure the globe.
The Alliance Building allows you to receive loot when members of your alliance win attacks.

Hints for HQ level 1 and 2:[edit | edit source]

Rangers are the backbone of your army.
Guard Towers have a long range and are good against infantry units.
The Striker VI acts as a shield for your army.
Build and upgrade walls in your base to slow down attackers.
Guard Towers are deadly against Rangers. Send in Strikers first to soak up damage.
Using Flares on a building will direct your troops to attack it.
The Storage Bunker helps protect your resources from enemy attacks.

Hints for HQ level 3 to 5:[edit | edit source]

The Research Agency upgrades troops and weapons.
The Hellfire Missile deals higher damage to a smaller area.
You can control the Hellfire Missile and guide it to targets.
The Tank is an armored powerhouse but is vulnerable to Spider Drones.
A mix of Rangers, Strikers, and Tanks is a powerful army.
Attackers can't see what's under a Domed Defense in Scout mode.
Commandos are strong against Rangers and weak against Strikers.
Armored units are vulnerable to Spider Drones.
Rangers are an excellent counter to Spider Drones.
Upgrading one Landmine will upgrade all of them.
You can set Base Defenders to stand guard on a Rally Flag or patrol between Rally Flags.
Rally Flags allow you to populate your base with defensive troops!
Use Fuel to upgrade troops and weapons in the Research Agency.
The Artillery has a long range so keep them close to whatever you're protecting.
The Artillery has a minimum range of fire. Get inside to keep your units from getting shot.
At HQ level 4 you can choose between Squad or Single Unit deploy.
Upgrading the Weapons Command building increases Command Points available in battle.

Hints for HQ level 6 to 10:[edit | edit source]

Attack Drones prioritize defense structures first.
Tomahawks deal lots of damage but are very weak.
Patriot Missiles are powerful anti-air weapons.
Domed Defenses have 3 choices of weapons. Choose one that's right for your base.
Domed Defense choices: Sentry Gun, THEL, & Aerial Defense. Each defends against certain units.
THEL stands for Tactical High Energy Laser. An excellent Domed Defense choice against armor.
Domed Defenses can be opened by an EMP Command Power.
The EMP Command Power stuns enemy buildings and vehicles.
Aerial units will ignore enemy patrols unless they attack your army.
Use Control Groups to separately control troops from specific tarmacs.
The Stealth Tank stuns enemy buildings and vehicles.
You can control the Orbital Strike by dragging it across the screen.
Stealth Tanks defending your base are invisible to the enemy until they are engaged.
Upgrading one Shock Mine will upgrade all of them.
Upgrade your Rangers to unlock their Medics.

Hints for HQ level 11 to 16:[edit | edit source]

The Apache is a flying death machine.
The Medivac heals the nearest troops taking damage.
The CnC Vehicle can take control of nearby enemy defenses.
The CnC Vehicle increases the damage of nearby allies.
Combat Stims increase your troops' movement speed and damage.
Metal Rain... the name says it all.

Hints for HQ level 17 to 20:[edit | edit source]

LGL Troops combine their beams to slice through the toughest armor.
LGL stands for Laser-Guided Lightning, good to know if you want to cut through heavy armor.
The Titan Tank is the ultimate fighting machine.
MLRS stands for Multiple Launching Rocket System. Emphasis on Multiple...
The Rail Gun is your most powerful anti-armor weapon.

Other hints:[edit | edit source]

Log into Game Center to save your game, even if you lose your device.
Log into Google+ to save your game, even if you lose your device."
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