Mobile supplymine
Supply Drop
Mobile supplystockpile
Supply Stockpile
Mobile fuelmine
Oil Derrick
Mobile fuelstockpile
Fuel Stockpile
Mobile steelfactory
Steel Factory
Mobile steelstockpile
Steel Stockpile
Mobile techfactory
Tech Factory
Mobile techstockpile
Tech Stockpile

Resources are goods that you need to build/upgrade buildings, recruit more troops, do research and more.

Mobile resourcesupply black Supplies is used to place and upgrade most buildings.

Mobile resourcefuel blackFuel is mostly used to recruit/train new troops and for research.

Mobile resourcesteel blackSteel is used for more advanced buildings.

Mobile resourcegold blackGold is used to instantaneously finish building, recruiting/training or getting more engineers to build simultaneously. Gold is considered a paid for resource, although you can earn gold by collecting achievements or uprooting trees.

Mobile resourcetech blackTech is a resource you'll encounter at higher levels.

Mobile resourcexp blackXP is how much experience you need to reach a new level.

Production and Storage Edit

Supply Drops produce Supplies and Supply Stockpiles are the main storage for Supplies.

Oil Derricks produce Fuel and Fuel Stockpiles are the main storage for Fuel.

Steel Factory produce Steel and Steel Stockpiles are the main storage for Steel.

Tech Factory produce Tech and Tech Stockpiles are the main storage for Tech.

The Storage Bunker and Headquarters can also store these resources, but in smaller amounts compared to the stockpiles.

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