When starting out with the mobile game, you get to go through certain tutorial missions.

Starting the game you get a splash screen with helpful tips:

Mobile start.png

First you get to setup your account, you can choose who can see the google+ posts, which of your circles Zynga can query,...

The first Tutorial lets you destroy a Global Revolutionary Army outpost. We meet with General Shepherd.

Mobile Tutorial1 GeneralShepherd.png

We'll have to destroy the defenses firsts using A 10 before we can deploy troops. The hand shows how to use the buttons: you have to click the button first, then click on the screen, dragging won't work.

Mobile Tutorial1 A-10s.png

You'll have to deploy the troops using the buttons on the left hand side.

Mobile Tutorial1 Deploy troops.png

Defenses can be destroyed using a Hellfire missile.

Mobile Tutorial1 Hellfire1.png

Mobile Tutorial1 Helĺfire2.png

Using Flares you can direct troops to a target.

Mobile Tutorial1 Finish.png

The victory screen shows the gained resources and the lost units.

Mobile Tutorial1 VictoryScreen.png

In the second Tutorial Lieutenant Ava will help you defend.

Mobile Tutorial2 LieutenantAva.png

This time Defenses have to be build.

Mobile Tutorial2 DefencePerimeter.png

A Guard Tower has to be build. This time we drag the tower to the yellow spot and click the green checkmark.

Mobile Tutorial2 GuardTower.png

Stand back and watch a battle unfold.

Mobile Tutorial2 WatchingBattle.png

You will need to increase your troops by building Troop Tarmacs. You will recruit more troops. You will be given Gold to finish the troops more quickly. You can however opt not to spend the 1 gold and wait instead.

Mobile Tutorial2 TroopTarmac.png

Then you can build Supply Depots and Fuel Tanks to store more resources.

Mobile Tutorial2 SuppliesAndFuel.png

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