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Event Details[]

November 3, 2011 - November 27, 2011

Mysterious Mercenaries.png


It's time for our latest mini-series: Mysterious Mercenaries! We've stumbled across some top secret documents, and with your help we can piece them together, and build a powerful elite unit—and there might be some Empire Points in the offing as well!

In this mini-series, with each quest you complete, a little bit more of the elite unit plans will be revealed, until the plans are complete!


Item Requirements
Elite NightFox Copter.png
Elite NightFox Copter
Complete all Quests
Goal Suitcase.png
Empire Points-icon.png 5 Empire Points
Complete all Quests

Limited Time Goals[]

Mysterious Mercenaries event also comes with 8 limited time goals.

- Available from November 3rd

to November 27th 2011 -

Upgrade Blueprint.png An Intriguing Discovery
Upgrade Blueprint.png The Tide Rolls In
Upgrade Blueprint.png Bits and Pieces
Upgrade Blueprint.png The Best-Laid Plans
Upgrade Blueprint.png Searching the Seven Seas
Upgrade Blueprint.png World Class Whirlybird
Upgrade Blueprint.png Fight for Your Right to Pilot
Upgrade Blueprint.png Hellcats of the Skies


Parts that come with an event are required to complete the limited time goals the event offers.

Helicopter Manual Mini Data Drive Map Polymer Windshield Air Inlet
Helicopter Manual.png Mini Data Drive.png Map.png Polymer Windshield.png Air Inlet.png

Limited Time Battles[]

Limited Time Battles that come with an event are required to complete the goals the event offers.


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