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Pillage Rewards
Visitor Rewards


  • A player can have a maximum of 200 Neighbors.
  • Visiting a Neighbor with an Energy-icon Icon located at the Upper-Left Corner of a Neighbor's Portrait, and helping them five times will allow the player to gain 1 Energy per Neighbor visit.
    • A player can gain a Total of 100 Energy through visiting their Neighbors each day.
  • For every 5 friends a player adds, they will receive 1x 10 Energy.

Neighbor’s PortraitsEdit

Portrait This table explains what each icon in a Neighbor's Portrait mean.
Experience-icon This star icon signifies a neighbor’s level.
Honor-icon The Red Heart Icon signifies their Honor score. The higher the Honor score, the more likely this friend helps their neighbors.
Infamy-icon The Black Heart Icon signifies their Infamy score. The higher the Infamy score, the more likely this friend invades their neighbors.
Neutrality The Purple-Crossed Shield Icon signifies a neighbor that has activated their World Embassy, and is immune to invasion.
Goal zynga02 The Exclamation Point Icon signifies a neighbor that is under attack, and needs the player's help.
Goal zynga01 The Crosshair Icon signifies a neighbor that you have invaded. A player can collect loot from neighbors with this icon.
Government icon The Blue Government Icon represents a neighbor where a player have staffed themselves in one of the neighbors' Government buildings.
Energy-icon The Energy Icon represents a neighbor who is ready to be tended. Players can only tend their neighbors’ buildings every 24 hours.
Aluminum 96Copper 96Gold 96
Iron 96Uranium 96
Depending on which Ore Icon on a neighbor's Portrait will tell the player which Ore their neighbor mines.