Oil is a type of in game Resource that allows you to build all Advanced Ground, Air, and Navy Units. Oil is produced by Oil Wells, which have contracts bought with Coins. There are three types of Oil Wells that you can unlock by increasing your Empire’s population. More advanced Oil Wells produce more Oil. Oil can also be bought and sold on the Market. Oil is also dropped during combat from picking up the remains of your units that have been destroyed. However, they only drop 00000000000000000001. Oil-icon.png 1 Oil per unit lost.

Unit Sizes[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Obtain
Oil-icon.png 5x Oil Free Gifts
OilGifts02 96.png 10x Oil Free Gifts
OilGifts03 96.png 20x Oil Free Gifts
Oil-icon.png 50x Oil Empire Points-icon.png 5 Empire Points
Oil-icon.png 1,000x Oil Empire Points-icon.png 80 Empire Points

Other Resources[edit source]

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