Ore is a type of in game Resource that allows you to build advanced Buildings and Units of all types. Ore comes in one of five types: Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Gold, and Uranium. Your Empire can mine only one type of Ore, which is chosen randomly when you first create your Empire. Your Empire’s Ore is produced by Ore Mines. More advanced Ore Mines can be unlocked by increasing your Empire’s population and producing more Ore.

  • Note: Buying bulk from your Resources is twice as much as you would purchase from your Neighbors market.
  • Note: You can't change your Ore type.
Copper-icon Iron-icon Gold-icon Aluminum-icon Uranium-icon
Copper Iron Gold Aluminum Uranium

There are Buildings and Units which require other types of Ore that your Empire does not produce. There are a few ways to get Ore that you do not produce.

  • You can get them from Critical Hit or Critical Kill combat drops.
  • You can help or invade another Neighbor who has other types of ore.
  • At the end of combat, you receive Ore as part of the victory reward.
  • You can request your Neighbors to send you Ore through the Friends Ladder.
  • You can use the Market to buy and sell Ore.
  • You start a contract to obtain Ore that your Empire produce from Mines or Super Ore Mine for Ore that you didn't produce on your Empire.
  • At the end of certain Goals, you receive Ore as part of the reward.
  • After every 6th and 7th consecutive day of returning to the game you receive Ore as a reward.
  • Reward after most waves in Survival Mode.
  • You can get Ore as a random reward at Battle Blitz.
  • These can also be obtainable via World Domination's War Chests.

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