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Mobile rallyflag
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Rally Flags are the guard positions and patrol points for base defense units. Defense units are purchased and they can be upgraded to support more defense troops.
General Costs
Level 0
Build Time10s
HPMobile hp black 333
HQ level1
Level 1
CostMobile resourcesupply black 800
Build Time3s
RewardMobile resourcexp black 15
HPMobile hp black 1
HQ level1
Troop Capacity9
Level 2
CostMobile resourcesupply black 1700
Build Time1h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 20
HPMobile hp black 1
HQ level4
Troop Capacity10
Level 3
CostMobile resourcesupply black 11k
Build Time2h45m
RewardMobile resourcexp black 25
HPMobile hp black 1
HQ level5
Troop Capacity11
Level 4
CostMobile resourcesupply black 34k Mobile resourcesteel black 7100
Build Time4h15m
RewardMobile resourcexp black 35
HPMobile hp black 1
HQ level7
Troop Capacity12
Level 5
CostMobile resourcesupply black 92k Mobile resourcesteel black 28k
Build Time6h
RewardMobile resourcexp black 45
HPMobile hp black 1
HQ level9
Troop Capacity13
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The Rally Flags are not a defense structure itself, but are structures able to recruit allied forces similar to the Troop Tarmac. Allied units can be set to stay and guard the spot where the rally flag is, or to patrol between rally flags. Each Rally Flag can only recruit one unit type at a time and changing recruited units on a flag will cause all units tied to that flag to be removed and resources refunded. Units are recruited with the use of the Fuel resource. If units are defeated in base battles, they are automatically replaced once the battle is finished free of any costs. Due to the diverse types of defensive units the Rally Flag can recruit and the fact that these defense can be mobile, Rally Flags can cover a wide range of base weaknesses from the positioning and type of defense from your other defense structures. While Rally Flags are invisible to enemy forces, the position of Rally Flags can be determined by where base defense units are standing or stopping, unless there is no unit tied to the flag or the recruited unit is the Stealth Tank. Upgrading the rally flag only increases the troop capacity. Upgrading recruited forces must be done from the Research Agency.

Producible Units Edit


The number of units that can be place at the Rally Flag is determined by the Troop Capacity and the Population (Size) of each unit type. The larger the unit Population the fewer number of units that can be placed at a Rally Flag with the same Troop Capacity.

Unit Type Unit Name Population (Size)
Mobile baseDef Commandos 1
Mobile spiderbot Spider Drones 2
Mobile tank Tank 6
Mobile stealth tank Stealth Tank 4
Mobile copter Apache 7
Mobile mlrs MLRS 11
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