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Rangers are an all-purpose fighting force made up of Riflemen, Rockets and Medics. Weak vs enemy infantry; Strong vs Spider Drones
Training time7s
HQ level for Staging Ground1
Sight Range12
Turn to fire requiredTrue
Turning Speed720
Patrol Speed2
Retreat Speed2.5
Move Speed2
Primary weapon
Fire Rate2.5
Max. Range6
Tag Multiplier3
Reload Time1000ms
Sight Range12
Turn to fire requiredTrue
Turning Speed720
Patrol Speed2
Retreat Speed1.7998046875
Move Speed1.7998046875
Primary weapon
Fires over wallYes
Fire Rate0.625
Bullet Speed12
Max. Range7
AoE Radius1.5
Tag Multiplier5
Weapon switch time1100ms
Secondary weapon
Fires over wallYes
Fire Rate0.625
Bullet Speed16
Max. Range7
AoE Radius3
Tag Multiplier5
Weapon switch time1100ms
Air Bonus2
Sight Range12
Turn to fire requiredTrue
Turning Speed720
Patrol Speed2
Retreat Speed2.5
Move Speed2
Primary weapon
Fires over wallYes
Fire Rate0.5
Bullet Speed18
Max. Range4
AoE Radius1
Tag Multiplier2
General Costs
Level 1
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 25
HPMobile hp black.png 140
DPSMobile dps black.png 30
Rocketman share20%
AWA Level Required0
Level 2
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 50
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 20
HPMobile hp black.png 176
DPSMobile dps black.png 33
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 8000
Research Time1h
Rocketman share20%
AWA Level Required1
Level 3
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 100
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 25
HPMobile hp black.png 210
DPSMobile dps black.png 36
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 16k
Research Time2h
Rocketman share20%
AWA Level Required3
Level 4
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 150
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 30
HPMobile hp black.png 253
DPSMobile dps black.png 39
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 31k
Research Time3h
Rocketman share20%
AWA Level Required4
Level 5
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 200
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 30
HPMobile hp black.png 302
DPSMobile dps black.png 39
HPSMobile hps black.png 4
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 58k
Research Time4h30m
Rocketman share20%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required4
Level 6
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 250
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 35
HPMobile hp black.png 329
DPSMobile dps black.png 44
HPSMobile hps black.png 4
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 102k
Research Time6h
Rocketman share20%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required5
Level 7
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 300
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 40
HPMobile hp black.png 359
DPSMobile dps black.png 46
HPSMobile hps black.png 5
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 172k
Research Time8h
Rocketman share20%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required6
Level 8
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 350
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 40
HPMobile hp black.png 391
DPSMobile dps black.png 51
HPSMobile hps black.png 5
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 276k
Research Time10h
Rocketman share20%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required7
Level 9
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 400
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 45
HPMobile hp black.png 421
DPSMobile dps black.png 56
HPSMobile hps black.png 5
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 426k
Research Time12h
Rocketman share30%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required8
Level 10
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 450
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 50
HPMobile hp black.png 479
DPSMobile dps black.png 61
HPSMobile hps black.png 6
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 629k
Research Time15h
Rocketman share30%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required9
Level 11
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 500
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 55
HPMobile hp black.png 517
DPSMobile dps black.png 67
HPSMobile hps black.png 7
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 893k
Research Time19h
Rocketman share40%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required10
Level 12
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 550
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 60
HPMobile hp black.png 564
DPSMobile dps black.png 74
HPSMobile hps black.png 8
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 1220k
Research Time23h
Rocketman share40%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required11
Level 13
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 600
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 65
HPMobile hp black.png 616
DPSMobile dps black.png 82
HPSMobile hps black.png 8
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 1590k
Research Time28h
Rocketman share40%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required12
Level 14
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 650
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 70
HPMobile hp black.png 693
DPSMobile dps black.png 90
HPSMobile hps black.png 10
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2000k
Research Time33h
Rocketman share50%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required13
Level 15
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 700
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 75
HPMobile hp black.png 757
DPSMobile dps black.png 97
HPSMobile hps black.png 11
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2440k
Research Time38h
Rocketman share50%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required14
Level 16
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 750
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 80
HPMobile hp black.png 828
DPSMobile dps black.png 103
HPSMobile hps black.png 12
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2870k
Research Time44h
Rocketman share50%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required15
Level 17
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 800
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 80
HPMobile hp black.png 908
DPSMobile dps black.png 113
HPSMobile hps black.png 13
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 3290k
Research Time50h
Rocketman share50%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required16
Level 18
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 850
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 85
HPMobile hp black.png 995
DPSMobile dps black.png 122
HPSMobile hps black.png 14
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 3670k
Research Time58h
Rocketman share50%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required17
Level 19
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 900
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 90
HPMobile hp black.png 1089
DPSMobile dps black.png 133
HPSMobile hps black.png 15
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 3980k
Research Time66h
Rocketman share50%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required18
Level 20
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 950
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 95
HPMobile hp black.png 1194
DPSMobile dps black.png 151
HPSMobile hps black.png 17
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 4250k
Research Time74h
Rocketman share50%
Medic share10%
AWA Level Required19
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Rangers are your basic all-purpose unit in the game. Rangers are made up of a group of units, most carrying rifles, some carrying rockets and some acting as medics. The riflemen are able to deliver quick, small bursts of damage that can only attack ground forces and structures. The rocket-carriers are able to shoot both air and ground targets, have a longer range than the rifleman, but shoot slower than riflemen. The medic is not able to attack at all, but can heal a small amount of hit-points on any nearby ally unit.


- when fighting as a unit, they have a mixture of everything! They can engage all defensive units, take down walls and even provide healing support (albeit limited compared to the Medivac vans).

- they only cost 1 unit space on the Tarmac - which means that you can deploy them in large numbers.

- very quickly destroy Spider Drones, Tanks and Stealth Tanks.


- each individual Ranger has relatively low hit-points and damage in comparison to individual units from other unit types. As a result, they are very weak to convergent fire from multiple artillery batteries, Metal Rains and the defensive infantry units.

- in general, they do better when dealing with small amounts of firepower at any given time; ie. they get shredded if matched against a slew of defenses at once.

- infantry are weak against the following enemy units: enemy infantry. Note, although infantry can rip through stealth tanks and Apache's with ease, both these enemy units detonate or fall out of the sky respectively. This aftermath damage is annoyingly high, and can easily take out dozens of infantry if you're not careful. (In the case of stealth tanks, successive explosions can even wipe out your entire attack force). Approach with care.


- see if you want to split up your infantry into different command groups. Because infantry only move at moderate speeds, it might be wise to split your infantry into two divisions to cover and defeat the entire base more effectively (to gain the 100% base destruction bonus).

- a good strategy with infantry is to support them with other armored units:

  • Striker VI: provides cover for infantry. However they get shredded by enemy domes, artillery batteries and THEL's extremely quickly as well. Hence, it's better to use them as initial cover against the enemy infantry.
  • Tanks: provide sustained firepower alongside the infantry. They go hand-in-hand. Midway through the fight, they are very useful for soaking up damage from enemy defenses, effectively reducing infantry casualties. However, try not to have an excessive amount of tanks when you start fighting Level 9 HQ's and above ... THEL's rip through their high hit-points like butter.
  • Drones: drones are the light, fast swarms that target enemy defenses. They can rip through the enemy defenses that would otherwise pound your infantry. However, they are themselves weak to anti-aircraft fire. Positioning your infantry (and through smart use of command points), you can eliminate enemy air defenses, to allow your aircraft to cripple their ground-defense structures (THELs, Artillery batteries and the Standard Turrets). The infantry can then overwhelm their entire base with ease.
  • Tomahawks: possibly one of the best supporting troops for the Rangers. Equip one or two tarmacs with Tomahawks to really see long range firepower. In battle, tomahawks are useful for many reasons. First, they can absolutely destroy enemy infantry. A good tactic is to disengage from the enemy infantry before your units come under fire. Because Rangers can turn and move alot faster than the tomahawks, the Rangers will retreat behind your tomahawks, while your tomahawks can eliminate their entire squad of infantry in one volley (as they're turning around). Tomahawks provide very good area clearing support. By targeting a supply structure, you can even damage defensive structures behind or around it, as a means of taking down defensive structures without getting close to them. Make sure to keep the tomahawks embedded within your Rangers, so that enemy Spider Drones, turrets and Stealth Tanks don't make quick work of them.
  • Stealth Tanks: fantastic when used to cripple enemy defenses. While not known for overwhelming firepower, their localised EMP bursts combined with stealth attacks give your infantry enough time to get to the turrets, before making quick work of the enemy base. Note that you should deploy your other units first along with your infantry, to kill their defensive troops before you unleash the Stealth Tanks to stop their defenses.

- in addition, infantry gain massive boosts by command powers -> more so using the Stim and the Heal command powers. Because infantry become weak when their number is reduced, using a sequence of heals and stims early will allow most of your infantry to survive the initial onslaught and continue pounding through the enemy base through the rest of the fight.

- a good strategy to using your command points early is to focus on most of their artillery batteries (if using a Ranger-centric attack force). Another way is to get rid of one section of enemy defenses, so that your infantry can fight their base defenses in waves.


- riflemen cannot target aircraft.

- rocket-carriers can attack aircraft, and can also shoot over walls. They also possess the longest range.

- medics have no offensive capabilities, but provide consistent healing for damage troops (and other friendly units).

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