Research Facilities enables a player to upgrade various units:

  1. Do more damage in combat.
  2. Have greater accuracy.
  3. Are built faster.
  4. Cost less to produce.
  5. Are stronger.
  6. Deflect an enemy hit.

This list of upgrades is in order of expense. To upgrade a unit a player must visit the appropriate research facility. Upgrades of land units take place at the Army Research Lab, naval units at the Navy Research Lab, and air units at the Air Force Research Lab. Unlocking the upgrades for each unit costs various parts.

Research Buildings[edit | edit source]

Army Research Lab Navy Research Lab Air Force Research Lab Titan Research Center
Army Research Lab.png Navy Research Lab.png Air Force Research Lab.png Titan Research Center.png

Researchable Options[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Damage Mini.jpg Increase Damage
Researching damage increases the damage dealt each turn by 25%.

Upgrade Accuracy Mini.jpg Increase Accuracy

Researching accuracy increases the unit's chance of scoring a direct hit and critical hit by 10%.

Upgrade Buil Time Mini.jpg Reduce Build Duration

Researching build time decreases the time required to build the unit by 25%

Upgrade Build Cost Mini.jpg Reduce Build Cost

Researching cost decreases the cost of the unit by 25%.

Upgrade Strength Mini.jpg Increase Strength

Strength refers to increase the health of a unit.

Increasing strength is distinct from the other upgrades in that the amount of increase varies by unit. Most strength upgrades also cost Empire Points, as opposed to the other types of upgrades. Choosing this upgrade increases unit strength by 100%, 50%, 33%, 25%, or 20%. For more details, visit the appropriate Research Lab page.

Only Tier 1 Units Increase Strength upgrade is free (10000 Coins, takes 8 Hours)

Upgrade Shield Mini.jpg Shield Upgrade

Shield refers to the ability of deflecting an enemy hit.

Shield Upgrade is used 1 time/battle. All upgrades cost Empire Points.

Upgrade Strength and Shield Mini.jpg Shield Upgrade and Increase Strength

This is automatically obtained by acquiring Shield Upgrade and Increase Strength.

Goal Lines[edit | edit source]

Army Research Series

Goal Army Research Lab.png Army Boost
Goal Cadet Soldiers.png Better, Stronger, Faster
Goal Barracks.png Boots On The Ground
Goal cannon.png Rolling Out the Big Guns
Goal armored tank.png Rolling Thunder (Goal)
Goal Sherman Tank.png Armored Assault
Goal Sherman Tank.png Tanks A Lot
Goal Howitzer Artillery.png Arty Party
Goal Grunt Soldiers.png Night Raid

Navy Research Series

Goal Navy Research Lab.png Running Waters
Goal player sub.png Launch Torpedoes!
Goal player carrier.png Flight Deck Is Hot
Goal player battleship.png The Future of Our Navy
Goal player battleship.png You Won't Sink Our Battleship
Goal player battleship.png Shell Game
Goal player carrier.png Sea Swarm
Goal player carrier.png Carrier Nation
Goal player sub.png Silent Running

Air Force Research Series

Goal Air Force Research Lab.png Air Superiority
Goal fighter.png Tune Up
Goal player fighter.png Launch Fighters
Goal player aircraft.png Close Air Support
Goal player bomber.png Making The Bombs
Goal MiG 17 Fighter.png Fighters to your Corners
Goal MiG 17 Fighter.png Advanced Fighters
Goal Flying fortress Bomber.png Bombing Run
Goal player aircraft.png Air Scourge
Goal fighter.png Fighter Mania
Goal player aircraft.png Airships of Doom
Goal B52 Bomber.png Ultimate Bombers
Goal B52 Bomber.png Back to the Stone Age

Titan Research Series

Goal Titan Research Center.png Titan Research Center (Goal)
Goal Titan Research Center.png Titanic Research

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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