Overview[edit | edit source]

The F-35 Lightning II unit in particular is the first in a collection that Zynga is calling "Squad-Bonus Aircraft." If you purchase this, along with all other units released in the future, you'll receive a "Special Surprise" at the end. No word yet as to what that surprise actually is.

"Introducing the F-35 Lightning II Fighter, the first in a collection of Squad-Bonus Aircraft! Collect them all for a special surprise!"

"It's Bastille Week! We have lots of new decorations and units, including the Rafale Fighter—the second in our Squad-Bonus Aircraft collection!"

Aircraft To Collect[edit | edit source]

Item Available
F-35 Lightning II.png
F-35 Lightning II

July 01, 2011 - July 19, 2011

Rafale Fighter.png
Rafale Fighter
July 14, 2011 - August 3, 2011
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