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The Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) provides long range, area clearing fire support. Weak vs Aircraft and nearby enemies, Strong at long range
Training time360s
HQ level for Staging Ground8
Sight Range16
Turn to fire requiredFalse
Turning Speed90
Patrol Speed1.7998046875
Retreat Speed2.199951171875
Move Speed1.7998046875
Primary weapon
Fires over wallYes
Fire Rate1
Bullet Speed2
Max. Range8.5
Min. Range3
AoE Radius4
Tag Multiplier0.099853515625
Reload Time4000ms
Weapon switch time2500ms
General Costs
Level 1
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 400
HPMobile hp black.png 301
DPSMobile dps black.png 85
AWA Level Required0
Level 2
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 800
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 40
HPMobile hp black.png 336
DPSMobile dps black.png 90
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 10k
Research Time2h30m
AWA Level Required6
Level 3
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 1200
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 40
HPMobile hp black.png 373
DPSMobile dps black.png 95
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 21k
Research Time3h30m
AWA Level Required7
Level 4
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 1600
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 45
HPMobile hp black.png 408
DPSMobile dps black.png 105
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 40k
Research Time4h30m
AWA Level Required8
Level 5
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2000
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 50
HPMobile hp black.png 445
DPSMobile dps black.png 110
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 74k
Research Time6h
AWA Level Required9
Level 6
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2400
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 55
HPMobile hp black.png 480
DPSMobile dps black.png 120
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 131k
Research Time8h
AWA Level Required10
Level 7
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2800
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 55
HPMobile hp black.png 517
DPSMobile dps black.png 123
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 220k
Research Time10h
AWA Level Required10
Level 8
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 3200
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 60
HPMobile hp black.png 552
DPSMobile dps black.png 125
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 353k
Research Time12h
AWA Level Required11
Level 9
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 3600
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 65
HPMobile hp black.png 589
DPSMobile dps black.png 132
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 545k
Research Time14h
AWA Level Required12
Level 10
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 4000
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 65
HPMobile hp black.png 624
DPSMobile dps black.png 142
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 805k
Research Time17h
AWA Level Required12
Level 11
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 4400
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 70
HPMobile hp black.png 661
DPSMobile dps black.png 155
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 1140k
Research Time21h
AWA Level Required13
Level 12
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 4800
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 75
HPMobile hp black.png 696
DPSMobile dps black.png 162
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 1560k
Research Time25h
AWA Level Required14
Level 13
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 5200
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 75
HPMobile hp black.png 733
DPSMobile dps black.png 168
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2040k
Research Time30h
AWA Level Required14
Level 14
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 5600
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 80
HPMobile hp black.png 768
DPSMobile dps black.png 173
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 2560k
Research Time35h
AWA Level Required15
Level 15
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 6000
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 80
HPMobile hp black.png 805
DPSMobile dps black.png 185
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 3120k
Research Time41h
AWA Level Required16
Level 16
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 6400
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 85
HPMobile hp black.png 840
DPSMobile dps black.png 200
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 3680k
Research Time47h
AWA Level Required17
Level 17
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 6800
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 90
HPMobile hp black.png 877
DPSMobile dps black.png 208
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 4210k
Research Time55h
AWA Level Required18
Level 18
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 7200
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 95
HPMobile hp black.png 912
DPSMobile dps black.png 220
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 4690k
Research Time65h
AWA Level Required19
Level 19
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 7600
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 95
HPMobile hp black.png 949
DPSMobile dps black.png 230
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 5100k
Research Time75h
AWA Level Required19
Level 20
CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 8000
RewardMobile resourcexp black.png 100
HPMobile hp black.png 984
DPSMobile dps black.png 250
Research CostMobile resourcefuel black.png 5430k
Research Time87h
AWA Level Required20
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The Tomahawk is a long range support unit that deals area damage in a randomly-located barrage. The Tomahawk is best in groups where it is highly effective against anything clustered such as grouped buildings and oncoming Commandos. Since the Tomahawk does arching damage, like an Artillery, it is quite good at damaging buildings while ignoring walls and, at the same time, destroying said walls and landmines. Like any support unit, the Tomahawk is not able to take much damage at all and if they're targeted, they go down very quickly. Any base defense is good against the Tomahawk but Artillery and Metal Rain defenses are a particular bane of Tomahawks since they can quickly take these units out regardless of whether Tomahawks are attacked directly or are damaged as collateral. Tomahawks should be kept close behind while other units are used in the forefront of the battle such that tomahawks can provide long range support and the potential for minesweeping.

The Tomahawk can only attack anything on the ground and must attack from a distance, as a certain area within its reach will render the tomahawk unable to attack. Caution should be used with the Tomahawk when attacking multiple enemies in a short time since Tomahawks have a long training time so loosing one or two can be costly to the effectiveness of your army. Higher level Tomahawks can withstand stealth tank detonations and are much more effective in their attack. Otherwise, it is important not to deploy this unit too soon due to a planted stealth tank defense placement.

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