Hey everybody! I'm Platinumdeltaflarefighter! I'm one of the active admins of this wiki. Check out my empire and add me if you want!=)

(P.S. I'm also a brony, so please don't start hating on me. I'm a really cool guy and very helpful player once you get to know me.)

Platinum Preloder

Elite Gemini Copter
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Hello! My name is Platinumdeltaflarefighter and I’m an active admin on this wiki. I like to help create pages and prevent vandalism. I’m also one of the most social users on this wiki. If you want to add me as a neighbor on E&A, send me a request.

Thank you very much mateys!

Delta Halo EmpireEdit

Delta Halo Empire
Lunar Pegasus
Empire Information
Start DateFb iconDec, 17, 2010
LevelExperience-icon Level 80
Domination00000000000000000068. Dominance Level 68 Dominance
HonorHonor-icon Level 71 Honor
InfamyInfamy-icon Level 79 Infamy
XPExperience-icon 112,402 XP
EnergyEnergy-icon 60 Energy
My ResourceIron-icon Iron
ExpansionsExpansions 53 Expansions
PopulationGoal Population 12700/12700 Population
NeighborsMini friends 57 Neighbors
DefeatedDefeated Raven Raven
Favorite UnitLightning Leviathan II Lightning Leviathan II
Survival ModeWave: 60(normal) 36(epic)
Trophy Collection
Platinum Trophy'sPlatinum Trophy 0 Platinum Trophy's
Gold Trophy'sGold Trophy 2 Gold Trophy's
Silver Trophy'sSilver Trophy 5 Silver Trophy's
Bronze Trophy'sBronze Trophy 6 Bronze Trophy's

My empire lvl 74

Take a look at my awesome empire!

My WD Defense ForceEdit

My WD defense force, lvl 66

Think you stand a chance?

Fluttershy Embarrassed S2E15

  • #1 tank, Super Badger Tank III
  • #1 artillery, Blazing Bison Halftrack Artillery III
  • #1 infantry, Adventure Nopter Infantry
  • #1 battleship, Lightning Sand Shark Hovercraft III
  • #1 carrier, Blazing Grimm D7 Carrier III
  • #1 gunboat, SpecOps Mermaid Assault Submarine III
  • #1 bomber, Blazing Phoenix Bomber III
  • #1 airship, Super Buzzard Autogyro III
  • #1 fighter, Atler Fighter

Rainbow Dash 10

My unlocked unitsEdit

  • Elite Gator Patrol Boat, no upgrades
  • Elite Vulture Copter, 4 upgrades
  • SU-122 Elite Tank, 5 upgrades
  • Elite Barrage Truck
  • P-61 Black Widow, 4 upgrades
  • Elite Support Craft
  • Elite Advanced Bismarck, 4 upgrades
  • Elite Flying Fox Fighter, 4 upgrades
  • Elite Terrier Infantry, no upgrades
  • Super Broman Tank, 4 upgrades
  • Super Pierce C-3 Fighter, 4 upgrades
  • Super Sora B-7 Bomber, no upgrades
  • Super Red Flag Tank, 5 upgrades
  • Madison T-3 Carrier, no upgrades
  • Super Fillmore A-1 Bomber, 4 upgrades
  • Blazing Faraday Fighter, no upgrades
  • Elite Army Ambulance
  • Elite Cold War Interceptor
  • Elite E-War Cruiser
  • Elite Medivac Chopper
  • Blazing Razor Fighter, no upgrades
  • Blazing Recon Marine Infantry, 4 upgrades
  • Lightning Leviathan II, 4 upgrades
  • Leviathan II, no upgrades
  • Lightning Rave C-43 Copter, no upgrades
  • Advanced Hospital Ship
  • Omega Artillery, no upgrades
  • Sky Whale 2000, 4 upgrades
  • CC Blaser Tank, no upgrades
  • Dark Flynn Copter, 4 upgrades

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