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A successful wiki doesn't grow without some guidance, and this wiki is guided by various administrators. All administrators are contactable through there talk page and are happy to answer any questions related to the Empires & Allies wikia.

  • Note: All admins & roll back users now show on Special:WikiActivity (This wikia's activity) after any edit highlighted in yellow (for admins) and green (for roll back users). This is so any contributor can easily identify an admin edit.

Example of how admins now show: Admins
Example of how Roll back users now show: Rollback

Wiki bureaucrat


Hello, I'm Jan1 and I'm the acting bureaucrat on here. I appoint the new admins and rollback users. I make all kinds of templates this wiki needs, so that information can be represented with structure. I also make the javascript and DPL. Check my talk page to contact me.

Wiki Admins


Hey im woolva i stop by the wiki daily to make sure things are running smoothly, i like to go hunting through all the images the game has that you cant see yet. i like to add new pages, Create challenging tables and enjoy figuring out how most of the game information could be added to the wiki. check Wiki Help for extra help on the wiki made by the administrators here, which lists Templates we use, where to find all the images you may need and any additional help. Thanks.

Goal SpecOps Vulture Copter

I'm Dodo8 and I'm one of the most active Administrator on this Wiki. I like to upload the Images of the game. I also like to create Templates, Event's pages, etc.

Thank you!

Jacob Cavalida

I'm Jacob Cavalida, Im an active admin on this Wiki. I like to create unit ideas and make a final sketches, so if you wanna make me a dream unit you want , just leave me a message. I also sell resources which you need, im a generous player.

That's all Comrades!

Elite Gemini Copter

Hello! My name is Platinumdeltaflarefighter and I’m an active admin on this wiki. I like to help create pages and prevent vandalism. I’m also one of the most social users on this wiki. If you want to add me as a neighbor on E&A, send me a request.

Thank you very much mateys!

Aaron 2 [User Page - Talk Page]

Riyo.Adja [User Page - Talk Page]

Jianhui67 [User Page - Talk Page]

Henriquegr [User Page - Talk Page]

Nilleh [User Page - Talk Page]

Roll Back Users

Allen Chan [User Page - Talk Page]

Bryan Klassen [User Page - Talk Page]

Buggy6789 [User Page - Talk Page]

Commander_ Marko [User Page - Talk Page]

D4rthRex [User Page - Talk Page]

DANosaur [User Page - Talk Page]

Super Jefferson T-300 Battleship

Hey! I'm Lewis Emslie and I'm a rollback user on this wiki. I like making the pages look neat and tidy and I also like drawing new units. If you want to add me as a neighbour on E&A, send me a request.

Thank you very much!

Moblitz [User Page - Talk Page]

Peter Lack [User Page - Talk Page]

Robert.Strongfox [User Page - Talk Page]

Tauras [User Page - Talk Page]

敬子 [User Page - Talk Page]

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