Wood is a type of in game Resource that allows a player to build all buildings and decorations. Players can obtain wood for their Empire by clearing trees on their island (5 Wood for trees and 1 Wood for bushes), through the Gifting Menu, or purchased through a neighbor’s Market.

A player can also generate Wood from a Lumber Mill with Coins. There are three types of Lumber Mills. More advanced versions are unlocked by the player by increasing the Empire’s population and producing more Wood.

Unit Sizes[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Obtain
Wood-icon.png 5x Wood Free Gifts
WoodStack 02 96.png 10x Wood Free Gifts
WoodStack 03 96.png 20x Wood Free Gifts
WoodStack 04 96.png 50x Wood Empire Points-icon.png 5 Empire Points
WoodStack 04 96.png 1,000x Wood Empire Points-icon.png 80 Empire Points

Other Resources[edit source]

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