Wood is a type of in game Resource that allows a player to build all buildings and decorations. Players can obtain wood for their Empire by clearing trees on their island (5 Wood for trees and 1 Wood for bushes), through the Gifting Menu, or purchased through a neighbor’s Market.

A player can also generate Wood from a Lumber Mill with Coins. There are three types of Lumber Mills. More advanced versions are unlocked by the player by increasing the Empire’s population and producing more Wood.

Unit SizesEdit

Item Quantity Obtain
Wood-icon 5x Wood Free Gifts
WoodStack 02 96 10x Wood Free Gifts
WoodStack 03 96 20x Wood Free Gifts
WoodStack 04 96 50x Wood Empire Points-icon 5 Empire Points
WoodStack 04 96 1,000x Wood Empire Points-icon 80 Empire Points

Other ResourcesEdit

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